Profess My Faith:  6th - 9th

Live Our Faith:  10th - 12th

Confirmation begins the process where youth begin to own the faith that was professed by their parents at baptism.  Throughout their Middle/Jr High Years they explore what they believe and how it affects their faith and actions.  In Senior High, they prepare to live as Christians in a diverse culture.


6th Grade Confirmation

Basic Tenets of Our Faith

Our Beliefs and Our Covenant as Members of the Church


(7th – 9th)

God’s Kingdom is Different From

the World’s Kingdom


How do I understand what I believe (my connection to God)

How do I share and grow with others in my faith (my connections to others)

How do I profess my faith with others outside my church (my connections to the world)


(10th- 12th Grade)

Personal and Social Holiness in a Diverse Culture

Growing deeper in my relationship with God through Prayer– (my connection to God)

Growing deeper in my understanding of God and being able to own and live out of what I believe.

Willingness to share my understanding of God and my faith both in words and actions.

Willingness to listen and allow others to share their faith. (my connections to others and to the world)