What if...

your life could change the world… 

September 6


instead of finding yourself, you lost yourself… October 4


you fully embraced that you were perfectly loved … December 6


your weekday job was your ministry… 

January 10


we believed that God’s Kingdom was in our midst…February 7


we understood that Jesus was working with us to restore this world.. March 7


we reflected the image of God in our diversity… April 4

What if being a disciple of Christ and living a focused life could provide for abundant kingdom living?  This coming year, we have the opportunity to explore these ideas in “What if? “ Conferences on the first Wednesday night of each month, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.. Childcare is provided.  Come join us for Bible study, ancient prayer practices, and an intentional focused plan to live your live with vision and purpose.

if?" Jesus said, “If, there are no ‘ifs’ among believers. 

Anything can happen"!  Mark 9:23

Want more!   Join us on the following weeks! Starting September 13

WHAT IF?  Deeper in the Word - Rev. David Mosely

Study the reoccurring themes through the Bible of  God and our relationship

WHAT IF?  Mark, the Southern Gospel - Rev. Bill Sardin

It may be short, but it aint Simple!

WHAT IF? Deeper in the Spirit - Rev. Teresa Holt

Explore the inner life and  grow deeper in your relationship with God


Your journey to a focused life

These workshops came as a result of a discussion with the pastoral staff of what would a Disciple of Jesus look like?  From that came the questions of “What if… “ and if we truly believed that being a Disciple of Jesus would change everything.  The answer is yes!  We truly believe that following Jesus changes your life so that it is more abundant, joyful and at peace.  We want that changed abundant life for you!  It is so easy for the world to determine our life for us, and without realizing it we become reactive to the world instead of proactive disciples. 


We want you to experience God’s presence and transformative power so we have designed this journey around God’s means of Grace.  These are the experiences that God has provided to us so that we can stay connected to God. 


Worship: We encourage you to daily spend time with God through the Scriptures and the Devotionals that are provided for study each week.  What you do in your devotional time is developed over time in your relationship with God.  We will provide opportunities for you to learn new and ancient practices of spending time in worship of God.  You are also strongly encouraged to attend weekly corporate worship.

Bible Study:  The pastors will begin each Conference with Bible Study.  We believe it is important to start our focused life by listening to what God is saying to each of us through the living word that speaks to the moments of our present life as it has to humanity throughout the centuries. 


Ancient Prayer Practices:  With our busy 24/7 lives, we have developed an amnesia to being still so that we can hear God.  Elijah was at a crucial point in his life – broken and exhausted.   It was in the desert that he heard God speak to him, not in words or dramatic experiences, but through the sound of sheer silence.   

We believe that many of us are also at this critical point – broken and exhausted.  We encourage you to join us in practicing these ancient ways of prayer that encourage being still.  These practices may be harder for some individuals than others, but we believe that this form of prayer will help you develop a contemplative language that will not only calm your spirit, but connect you in a deeper way with the Almighty God that is passionately seeking you. 


Focused Living Retreat:  A focused life requires hard work and examination of your life – past, present and future.  God has been with you in the past redeeming the experiences of your life.  God is right now in your present and is calling you to live focused and with purpose.  God will be beside you in your future, but to live focused requires intentionality of planning and mentors.  You will be experiencing this retreat around tables with fellow Christians who will be there to walk alongside you - nurturing you and holding you accountable. 



 My Life Plan Assignment:  Focused living requires a dedication throughout your 24/7 life. We have provided assignments that require you to begin to live out of what a focused and purposeful life means for you.  This requires discipline and discipline comes through and is the act of daily practice.


My Prayer as I Work:  We ultimately desire that your focused life translates to your daily living and work.  God has created us to work and be stewards of God’s creation.  Your focused life is lived out in the daily co-creation with God.  This is how we change the world!


Jesus said, “If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers.  Anything can happen”!   Mark 9:23